I know some my think that the carrier ultimately determins what the sale price is and the the MSRP is more or less just a guidline, however, we know that the price is they we see largely will depend on the price that RIM charges the carriers.

That being said how much can RIM charge for the BlackBerry Bold? We’ve heard that T-Mobile Germany will offer the BlackBerry Bold for under $150 U.S. with the right contract. We’ve also heard that the Bold won’t ship for a penny under $299 when it comes out on AT&T. Personally, I don’t think that, unless RIM could care less about indiviual consumers who aren’t already BlackBerry users, the Bold can cost any more than $199, especially when it will be sitting right next to an iPhone 3G which already has a $199 price tag.

How much do you think they can charge?