Can someone please explain to me without using fanboy logic, just how the iPhone, is killing the BlackBerry and why I should just shut RIMarkable down and sell all my stock in RIM before it is too late?

A bit of a facetious opening statement, I know, however, I am amazed at the number of people predicting the end of RIM, and every other mobile phone manufacturer for that matter, simply because Apple has released a really cool phone. Do you remember that movie Demolition Man and how all restaurants in the future were Taco Bell? Well, if you believe some of these articles, all mobile phones will be iPhones eventually.

Let’s see. Since the iPhone came out, more BlackBerrys have been sold than iPhones, RIM has posted it’s biggest quarterly earnings to date, and celebrities keep flocking to the BlackBerry when we can rarely find a picture or two of celebs with iPhones.

How exactly is the iPhone killing the BlackBerry again?