Research in Motion does a heck of a lot of advertising (at least they did up until today) of various BlackBerry devices via Google Adwords, however, I’ve noticed that Nexus One ads were plastered all over the internet today in places where BlackBerry ads used to appear.  It got me to thinking, how is RIM supposed outbid Google on Google’s ad network?

Looks  like I’m not the only one noticing this either…

Now, I just want to say that if you go to Google’s homepage, search for BlackBerry, BlackBerry related sponsored ads do show up.  Google would loose all kinds of credibility if this were not the case.  What is very intersting, however, is how Nexus One Ads seem to be on every gadget blog running AdSense Ads even though the content on said blogs may not be about the Google Nexus One.

Im’ not saying…  I’m just saying….