Today is the day… It has been widely speculated that Steve Jobs will introduce the 3G iPhone today in his keynote at WWDC. There is no question that today will be a big day for Apple. I believe, however, that it will be a big day for the BlackBerry as well.

Just like last year with the release of the first generation iPhone, buzz in the smartphone world will be at its peak and, in fact, spill over into the consumer world of mobile phones. This is great news for RIM who saw their market share increase amongst all the hype of the iPhone over the last year.

I believe that the spill over effect may be even more pronounced this year because Research in Motion is putting out new devices that are even more consumer friendly than before. We’ve officially heard about the BlackBerry Bold, all but officially heard about the BlackBerry KickStart, and BlackBerry Thunder leaks are coming on strong. (How perfect is the timing on the Verizon BlackBerry Thunder pictures?)

Millions of consumers are going to be all jazzed up about the new 3G iPhone and walk into the stores to get information about it. Many are going to find out how expensive the iPhone is or that it only runs on AT&T and then immediately start to look at other smartphones, namely BlackBerrys, that are pretty cheap if not completely subsidized by the carrier and available on the network that they are already on.

To make a long story short, I think that the 3G iPhone announcement will be huge for the BlackBerry.