I recently upgraded to the latest beta of Skype, version 2.1, on my Windows Mobile Powered device (yes, I still have one) and I was thinking that a mobile Skype client should be developed for the BlackBerry.

I am not talking about another proxy based desktop pass thru solution like what you get with WebMessenger, but, a true Skype client for BlackBerry that allows you to make VoIP calls directly from your device.

There have been two arguments as to why a Skype client for BlackBerry hasn’t already been developed. The first was fairly valid… BlackBerrys didn’t have enough horsepower, however, with the 7130 and 8700 models, this really shouldn’t be the case any longer.

The second reason was one that I never really understood… The carriers would upset. When have the folks at Skype ever cared about what telco-companies thought? Besides, the Windows Mobile version works like a champ and the last time I checked, most carriers charge a pretty penny for unlimited data plans which you really need if you use Skype a lot. Take it from me, those per megabyte plans can be very expensive.