Everybody is talking about the rumored BlackBerry 9000. More specifically, they are talking about if it should have a touch screen or not. Two years ago this wouldn’t have even been an argument worth blogging about. After seeing first hand what the iPhone can do, the argument is definitely a valid one.

I would agree that if you have to bang out a lot of long emails, a touch screen isn’t as optimal as a QWERTY keyboard. Not even a touch screen as good as Apple’s. The benefits, however, of a large touchscreen when doing everything but typing are undeniable.

Why not split the difference?

Give me a large touchscreen that makes viewing email, web browsing, making calls, looking at pictures, etc., etc., etc., easy. Give me a slide-out keyboard for those times when I need to bang out a lengthy email.

This seems like a way to get the best of both worlds if you ask me…