There is an interesting poll over on BlackBerry Forums that asks BlackBerry users if on a future BlackBerry model if they would rather see the BlackBerry OS or Microsoft’s Windows Mobile installed. The Blackberry OS appears to be on its way to a landslide victory with over 82% of the votes thus far, however, the more I think about a Windows Mobile powered BlackBerry, the more I think that it might not be a bad idea.

Now, before I get flamed to death, I am not saying that Research in Motion should scrap the BB OS for Windows Mobile. I am, however, saying that with RIM clearly getting into the consumer market and plans for a BlackBerry with multimedia capabilities and an integrated digital camera seemingly on the way, offering a device based on the Windows Mobile OS is not a stretch.

There are a ton of applications already developed for Windows Mobile. RIM would be able to tap into this large application base and not have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to adding new features to the BlackBerry. Microsoft is in this space to stay and it is always easier to partner with Microsoft than it is to compete head-to-head against them. I honestly don’t think that Microsoft cares if you use a BlackBerry or some other PDA type device so long as it runs Windows Mobile and connects to Exchange on the back end. Just look at how well the Treo 700w is doing right now.

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