Hootsuite BlackBerry hasn’t necessarily gotten off to the greatest starts since it’s October 18th release having already had 2 updates since coming out.  HootSuite BlackBerry, has, once again, been upgraded, thiis time to HootSuite BlackBerry version 0.3.11.   Find change logs for all three HootSuite BlackBerry updates after the jump…

Change log:

  • Version 0.3.07:
    • Invalid username/password errors
    • Avatars loading and cacheing issues
    • System resources drain when running in background
  • Version 0.3.09:
    • Avatar loading and threading
      • less CPU power consumption
      • better threading
      • increased UI responsiveness
      • running app in background results in less OS churn/usage
      • minor issues with blank avatars
    • Network code changes
      • BIS and WIFI are enabled and prioritized by default – Both can be disabled within the settings menu for faster network operation amongst users whose carriers properly set their APN settings already (MDS, direct connection, etc)
    • “Manage Accounts” screen
      • Users can exit the app without getting “trapped” if no accounts were added to the device previously (mainly an issue post-signup)
  • Version 0.3.11:
    • International characters fixed – Non-roman characters e.g. Thai, Japanese, Korean, Chinese now work from the compose screen
    • Font adjustments – Some font size tweaks to increase readability in various places
    • Facebook permission corrections – no more temporary access problems after adding Facebook accounts

HootSuite BlackBerry is a free BlackBerry download and you can pick it up OTA here