Stop sign

Just as BlackBerry’s stock hit above $10 a share this week, shares dropped right back below $10 with the news that in fact the Pentagon did not order 80,000 new BlackBerry 10 devices. The word from multiple media sources stated that the Pentagon had ordered 80,000 new BlackBerry 10 devices but that report was not entirely true.

According to a Press Release from the Department of Defense, it clearly stated that, “The program also supports 80,000 BlackBerry phones “, which is a far from what was said that on various blogs and sites that the DOD ordered 80,000 new BlackBerry 10 devices.

I also wrote a post about this as well thinking that was the case. Now to be kind, BlackBerry never did make an official statement about a new deal with the Department of Defense claiming to have sold 80,000 new BB10 devices. Whatever the mix up and miss-communicated info, BlackBerry still ended Friday at 9.89 a share which is still a big improvement from where they were trading at over the past 2-3 months.

Well, like I stated before, I will continue to watch how this plays out for BlackBerry and hopefully newly appointed CEO, John Chen can get this ship out the dock and back to sea.