The Globe & Mail is reporting this morning on the wave of Spam messages being sent to BlackBerry devices over the passed 3 weeks or so and yours truly is being affected by it.

There have been rumors that recent and sudden onslaught of BlackBerry spam is do to a server inside of Research in Motion being hacked, however, a nameless BlackBerry spokes says that this is not that case and is “just speculation”.

The problem, other than just being annoying, for many BlackBerry users is that they pay for each and every kilobyte of traffic to and from their BlackBerrys. With these emails being as large as 11 kilobytes in size, this can be cost BlackBerry users that don’t have unlimited data plans quite a bit. Rogers Wireless is giving BlackBerry subscribers who call in a rebate, however, the rub is that you have to call in to get it.

The Spam messages are pretty easy to identify and usually start out something like:

Equipment & Systems Engineering, Inc. (EQSE)

Sector: Environmental Engineering
Rating: VERY Bullish
Currrent Price: Around $0.10
Projjected: $0.20

This is THE pick for the fourth quarter. Environmental
stocks are getting incrredible exposure and taking off as
governments and companies realize they need to start
investing NOW. EQSE is involved in high tech solutions for
both the problems we face today and those of the future.

Thhis is HOT!

There are often attachments that, unless you want to get a feel for what it is like to use a Windows Mobile device, I strongly suggest you don’t open up. They may lock your BlackBerry up and require that you pull the battery and reboot.

Right now the carriers are blaming the problem on RIM and RIM is saying that it is just a natural progression in the evolution of spam or some crap like that. All I know is that I never used to get spam on my BlackBerry. Now I am and I don’t really care who fixes it, however, someone needs to get to it.