I was looking through BlackBerry Forums and I came upon a thread started by forum member pimp7100i claiming that the BlackBerry 7130c is “no where to be found” on Cingular’s website. I thought that this was kind of odd seeing how the BlackBerry 7130c is a fairly new device so I headed on over to Cingular’s site and did a search.

Well, it looks like pimp7100i is right. Although results for the 7130c are found when you search, none of them, at least the top 4 or 5, take you to a 7130c page.

BlackBerry Forums member backbeat pointed out that the BlackBerry 7130c is still on Cingular’s business site, however, there is very little information about the device there and you must call an 800 number to get pricing.

You can still get the BlackBerry 7130c through third party retailers, however, sites like Amazon.com are trying so hard to get rid of their remaining inventory that they are willing to pay you $25 to take one off their hands with a 2-year agreement, of course.

From the looks of things, the plug may be pulled on the BlackBerry 7130c.

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