Chris Ashley from Simple Mobile Review shares his thoughts on the upcoming Windows Phone 7 and the BlackBerry

As I was watching all the news coming out of the Mobile World Congress about Windows Phone 7 I could not help but think about the rumors of Microsoft buying RIM. It would be hard and almost impossible to deny that a Blackberry is the most efficient messaging device on the market today. But, it suffers from many of the same problems of Windows Mobile. RIM and Microsoft are playing catchup to Apple and Google as it relates to consumer features on mobile phones. The announcements if, lived up to, will reestablish Microsoft as a player in the mobile phone market again.

I am not a blackberry user but I am a fan of the devices since supporting them years ago on a BES server. Would RIM and Microsoft really be such as bad combination? Do you think RIM is capable of providing half of what Microsoft showed on Stage at MWC? This is not a knock on RIM I just wonder if they move too much to please the consumer market does it have to alienate the business market. While many of you may dislike Microsoft I think the hate is running deeper for Apple and Google these days.

I am a huge Windows Mobile fan but I am also realistic I am fully aware of the shortcomings in Windows Phone. I have written a few articles in recent months about them.

You have to agree Windows Phone 7 looks really good.  What is so wrong with some synergy between Microsoft and RIM?  Could RIM and Microsoft join and dominate the smartphone market?  If half of what was shown by Microsoft makes it to the release product it is going to cause some pain for RIM.  The Windows Phone 7 team is trying to replicate the successMicrosoft had with Windows 7. They are only showing stuff when it is almost fully baked.  I think Microsoft has learned about over committing.  I know RIM is working on their own game changer, but let’s get serious here. Windows Phone 7 will be years more advanced than the iPhone. Could you imagine the Blackberry hardware with that Windows Phone interface?

Let me help you…

I know all about the stuff that makes Blackberry great and secure.  It is possible to port some of those features to Windows Phone.  C’mon, you have to admit, that phone looks slick. Blackberry would be better powered by Windows Phone 7. Here is what you have to ask yourself. Is the rumored redesign going to be as much of a radical shift as Microsoft is attempting?  If it is, will it still be the same Blackberry you know and love or love to hate today?  Let’s think about the other side. I am sure that RIM feels they do not want or need Microsoft’s help. Maybe you don’t want Microsoft’s help. I read Robb’s articles and while Blackberry is bigger than iPhone, can they really fight off Apple, Google, and Microsoft. I have a feeling that RIM will get swallowed up by someone. Better Microsoft than Apple or Google.

Let me make this statement clearly, Microsoft is raising the smartphone Bar for the next 3-5 years! Even iPhone fans are shocked right now. The Jesus Phone (iPhone) looks quite dated now.

Maybe I sound a little cocky today but it is because I have seen the future. Either way, this could be the dawn of a new era in the Smartphone market. Microsoft and BlackBerry! There is plenty of room on the Windows Phone 7 bus.