I don’t know what the deal is with all the task management software coming out for the BlackBerry lately, however, got-2 Task Management isn’t half bad and is free so we thought that we would give you the heads up about.

What I like about got-2 is how it integrates with both your calendar and GPS so it will remind of tasks based that you need to do not only based on the time that they are due, but if you are near the location where you need to do them.

Let’s say that you have a task like “pick up a gallon of milk”. got-2 to can notify you when you get near the grocery store.

Key Features:

  • One easy to read screen with collapsible lists, subtasks, and agenda items.
  • Choose your preferred view: simple list or week agenda.
  • Get alerts based on time or location
  • Share tasks and lists via email
  • Prioritize-as-you-go by moving items up/down
  • Keep track of progress by marking off tasks, appointments, agenda items, and subtasks.
  • Stores data in BlackBerry Tasks and Calendar – synchronizes with Outlook and Google calendar.
  • Location integration with Google or BlackBerry maps.
  • It’s FREE!

Check it out here