Google Voice for BlackBerry version 0.1.5 is available for download… again.  I don’t think that we even mentioned it the first time that it was released because by the time we found out about it, it had already been recalled.

As usual, Google supplied no release or change notes, so, other then telling you that I had to reboot after installing Google Voice 0.1.5,  I am not quite sure what the improvements are.  Google definitely didn’t pretty up Google Voice for BlackBerry so I still think that there is a real opportunity for a third party developer to release a Google Voice client that could become insanely popular.

As plain a BlackBerry application as Google Voice 0.1.5 is, I highly recommend that every BlackBerry user with a Google Voice account download and install it.  If you don’t have a Google Voice account, sign up for one.

Google Voice 0.1.5 OTA Download Link: