Update: Google Talk for BlackBerry

So, I finally had some free time to play around with Google Talk for BlackBerry and I even though I only have about of 30 minutes in the app, I am going to go ahead right now and say that it is the best free Instant Messaging application out for the BlackBerry.

To make a long story short Google Talk for BlackBerry works and it is fast. It doesn’t seem like it takes messages anymore than a second to send or receive from the BlackBerry or the desktop running the Google Talk client. I won’t say that it is instantaneous, but at least for me on my BlackBerry 7130e, it is darn near close.

It looks like Research in Motion and Google have released Google Talk for BlackBerry and it can be downloaded here. Google Talk runs on all 7100, 7200, 7500, 7700, and 8700 series BlackBerry devices running BlackBerry OS v4.00 or higher.

I will download and install Google Talk for BlackBerry first thing in the morning so be sure to check back later as I will put up my first impressions.

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