I know that Google Local has been available on the BlackBerry for a while now, but, I have to say that out of all the free Blackberry downloads that I have on my 7130e, Google Local for Mobile has to be one of the most useful. I know that someone will undoubtedly tell us about a much better program that for 15 to 30 bucks can be yours. Just remember, Google Local is free and for a free BlackBerry download, it is a wonderful tool that I use at least two or three times a week.

I could go into a long review of the application but to make a long story short, it is Google Maps for your BlackBerry. You can search of any address in Google’s index which means pretty much all of them. What is really cool is that you can map directions to a location that you’ve searched for directly on a satellite photo of the roads that you will travel.

Another cool feature is that you can call any number returned from your search without having to exit the program. Sounds simple but try calling a telephone number from a browser based searched. The difference is profound.

Google tends to return more than one result for most searches. Google Local’s interface allows you to very quickly move between results with having to wait for additional pages to load as you would if searching the Google homepage directly from your browser. This makes finding the right location or the right telephone number very easy.

There is much more to Google Local for Mobile. It is a free download so grab it from www.google.com/gmm directly on your BlackBerry and give it a whirl.

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