If you are into instant messaging applications that allow you to connect to different IM networks from a single interface, chances are you’ve heard of the Gizmo Project.

The allure of Gizmo is that it is not just an IM Client, but also an internet phone that allows you to make free calls to any other Gizmo Project, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, or Windows Live users as well as make inexpensive VoIP calls to landlines and mobile phones.

Well, after weeks of anticipation, Gizmo Project has released a BlackBerry compatible version of its Gizmo for Mobile Beta.

I could continue to tell you about all the cool Gizmo for Mobile features or I could shorten this post significantly and just tell you it’s a FREE BLACKBERRY DOWNLOAD!

That being said, go check it our for yourself. I’ve only been using it for a few minutes, however, my first impression is that Gizmo for Mobile Beta is one of the coolest free BlackBerry applications that I’ve seen in a while.

We get questions about BlackBerry IM clients here at RIMarkable all the time and Gizmo Project is one I suggest you take a look at. You definitely can’t beat the price.

Download Gizmo Project for Mobile OTA by pointing your BlackBerry’s browser to www.gizmo5.com.