I have had the pleasure to work with RIM and meet a lot of important people in the company. When they had BlackBerry World in early 2012 in Florida, I knew then that RIM had something special on its plate and that was BlackBerry 10.

The one thing I knew that would be important to RIM would be developer support for BlackBerry 10. With the release of the BlackBerry Playbook a year earlier product reviews where nasty at best, a tablet with excellent hardware but failed on the application side. I knew then that RIM would have to really step it up in order to compete in the tablet world and with the new OS, BlackBerry 10.

I attended my 1st Jam session in Austin back in June of 2012, and I must tell you I was blown away. Not only did RIM put on a good show but they clearly made a big hit with developers. Driving back home to San Antonio that evening I knew I had met some special people and I knew that RIM had the right recipe for developer support and success.

One of the main reasons behind RIM’s success for developer relations is Alec Saunders.  Alec has help put together a special team called “BlackBerry Evangelist”, a team of RIM employees whose sole purpose is to spread the word to developers about BlackBerry 10 and offer any help needed to get developers on board with unlimited support.

Alec and his team have done a phenomenal job and are one of  the main reasons we have a release date of Jan, 30th 2013 for the new BlackBerry 10 devices.

It’s been a long road to victory for Alec and his team with a lot of bumps and obstacles on the way. I can personally say that without the support of his team I would not be in the position that I am now, a BlackBerry Elite Member!

With that said I would like for all my RIMarkable readers to check out Roger Cheng’s article on CNET about Alec Saunders. We would love your feedback about the read. Peace,

BlackBerry Hank