I haven’t heard of the unlock code company cellFservices.com before, but, there name is being Tweeted all over Twitter right now as I type this post.

Tweet for a Treat

cellFservices is holding a Tweet for a Treat promotion where they are offering FREE BlackBerry unlock codes for AT&T, T-Mobile, and Rogers BlackBerry devices.  This promotion ends at Midnight tonight (12:00 a.m EST Oct. 6th)

Find out what you need to do to get your free BlackBerry unlock code after the jump:

1.) Add us on Twitter – Username: Cellfservices

2.) Check your Twitter for our Tweet when our promotional offer starts.  As soon as the tweet is sent out, mention/reply back to us with the following message… @cellfservices FREE BLACKBERRY UNLOCK CODES! IMEI: (15 digit imei no slashes no periods) Model: (ex. 8320) Carrier: (ex. Rogers)”

3.) Our operators will then reply back to you with your unlock code.

All of your Blackberry unlocking instructions can be found here after you receive your unlock code via. Twitter

A question that we are asked at least a couple times a day is “How can I get a free unlock code for my BlackBerry?”  Well, if your device is from AT&T, T-Mobile, or Rogers…  Here is your chance.  Just remember, the cellFservices Tweet for a Treat promotion ends at midnight tonight.