Here is another free BlackBerry offer courtesy of Russell Shaw from BBHub.

MBNA is offering a free BlackBerry 7290 to new and existing card holders. From what I can tell, all you have to do is wait to receive your special access code from your card issuer, order your BlackBerry 7290 using your MBNA credit card, wait a few weeks, and receive your BlackBerry.

Now, there is a whole page of fine print that goes over stuff like the 2 year service plan from Cingular that you need to sign up to and how you initially have to pay $150 to get the Blackberry 7290 before you get your mail-in rebate. This free BlackBerry offer truly does appear to be a free BlackBerry offer, however, because you don’t really have to buy anything to be eligible for this offer. You just have to have or sign up for an MBNA credit card.