PrivacyStar gives you ultimate control of your phone! From your call log you can add any number to your PrivacyList which will stop that caller from calling you again! Don’t know whose number that is? Use the PrivacyStar™ lookup feature to determine the caller’s name and decide to add them to your PrivacyList or to your Contacts so the next time they call you’ll know who’s calling! Additionally, any number you create a complaint for is made available to regulatory agencies on your behalf. You have complete visibility into all numbers blocked and all complaints filed at all times! To allow a caller to call you again is just as easy – simply delete the number from your PrivacyList.

PrivacyStar features include:

  • Report offenders to authorities directly using PrivacyStar
  • Block unwanted callers from your call log menu or enter numbers manually
  • Block private or unknown callers
  • Block Exchanges
  • On demand PrivacyStar caller identification
  • Fully integrated with your portal
  • Keep track of how many PrivacyStar calls you’re receiving

To get your free 30 day trial of PrivacyStar, follow the link below then enter your email address.  An OTA link will be sent directly to your BlackBerry.

Free 30 Day Trial of PrivacyStar for BlackBerry