Encode video for your BlackBerry Pearl or 8800 for free with BlackBerry Video Converter 1.12.

The Blackberry Video Converter is a free utility that encodes video so you can play it on your RIM Blackberry. It does this with a simple, intuitive interface that was created with usability in mind.

The Blackberry Video Converter uses the mencoder engine and supports many forms of video.

View some of the key features of “Blackberry Video Converter” after the jump…

BlackBerry Video Convertor Supports:

  •   Simple yet powerful
  •   One-click quick convert feature
  •   Supports many types of video
  •   Supports DVD (.vob)
  •   Easily choose aspect ratio
  •   Easily adjust volume
  •   Can use all available languages
  •   Ability to pass custom arguments
  •   Price (free)

What’s new in this release:

  •   Added increased support for those of us with multiple DVD drives.
  •   Added ability to choose default input and output directories (nice)
  •   Added a quick space checker on the same page where users choose their default directories (to make sure you can save all your BBvideos)

BlackBerry Video Convertor