According to BerryReview, the developers of Gwabbit, the application that allows you to automatically extract contact information out emails and create a contacts on your BlackBerry, is coming out with a free version next Tuesday, Dec. 8th.  Gwabbit currently cost $9.99 per year, however, the subscription model has turned off more than just a few would be customers.

They are planning on announcing the new free version of Gwabbit which will annoyingly be released exclusively on App World. The free version includes a new alerting feature that lets contacts know by email when their information has been added to your address book. I just hope it offers you the option to turn that feature off.

If you would like to try the premium version of Gwabbit for BlackBerry out before the free version is released, we have a free trial in the RIMarkable App Store.

Download Gwabbit for BlackBerry free trial