As many of you know, I am one of the hosts of the Simple Mobile Review Podcast, a weekly podcast covering mobile technology news and current events in tech.  If you are a BlackBerry user, we assume that most RIMarkable readers are, we’ve got a great new way for you to listen to the show on your device.  Thanks to Marcus Watkins from Versatile Monkey, the Simple Mobile Review Podcast App powered by PodTrapper is now available to BlackBerry users as a free BlackBerry download.

With the SMR Podcast App new episodes of the show automatically download to you BlackBerry  allowing you to play them via your device’s speakerphone, through the headset jack, or even over Bluetooth.  All you have to do is download and install the app to your BlackBerry which you can do via the link below…

Download the Simple Mobile Review Podcast App powered by PodTrapper

NOTE! The Simple Mobile Review Podcast App and PodTrapper can’t coexist on the same BlackBerry at the same time.  Do not Installing the SMR Podcast App on the same device where PodTrapper is installed, as, it will replace PodTrapper.  Simply add the SMR Podcast feed,, to PodTrapper and get the exact same functionality as the dedicated SMR Podcast App.