We are a couple of weeks late with this news, but, Antair announced via their blog that they have released Antair Boxee Remote for the Blackberry, an application that, as its name implies, allows you to control your Boxee directly from your BlackBerry.

Antair Boxee Remote uses your home WiFi connection to communicate with your Boxee. As such, your BlackBerry needs to have WiFi enabled and be connected to the same WiFi network as the one on which your Boxee is running.

The list of supported BlackBerry devices is a bit confusing, as some of the devices listed, don’t have Wi-Fi.

  • BlackBerry 98xx – BlackBerry Torch
  • BlackBerry 9670 – BlackBerry Style
  • BlackBerry 96xx – all BlackBerry Tour models
  • BlackBerry 95xx – all BlackBerry Storm and Storm2 models
  • BlackBerry 90xx and 97xx – all BlackBerry Bold models
  • BlackBerry 81xx – all BlackBerry Pearl models
  • BlackBerry 83xx, 85xx, and 89xx – all BlackBerry Curve models
  • BlackBerry 88xx – all models, including the 8830 World Edition
  • BlackBerry 87xx – all models

I would try it on my BlackBerry Storm 9530, but, I don’t have a Boxee.  I have been thinking about, however,  building one with an old Mac Mini that I have lying around.  If you have a Boxee and try out Antair Boxee Remote for BlackBerry before I get around to building one, leave us a comment and tell us what you think of the app…

Download Antair Boxee Remote for BlackBerry free in the RIMarkable Store…