I was just just surfing the net while watching the NBA finals and believe it or not, I saw an advertisement for a free BlackBerry Thunder. Now, before you get all excited, the ad is not really for a free BlackBerry Thunder, but for Consumer Incentive Rewards which appears to be one of those companies that offers you free stuff that they think you might think is cool, so long are you “complete program requirements”.

Let me just say that I am in no way affiliated with Consumer Incentive Rewards and I have not ever used nor do I plan to sign up for whatever they are offering. I cannot speak at all to the value that this company provides, however, I would gather that it would be much less expensive to just buy a BlackBerry Thunder from Verizon when it actually comes out. This has been my experience with these types of promotions in the past.

That being said, I find it hilarious that an actual company ripped a fake image from BGR and are using it in an advertisement.