We knew that when Plazmic 4.7 CDK beta leaked yesterday it wouldn’t be long before BlackBerry Storm themes would start to appear.  I believe that I said that we would have seen BlackBerry Storm thems by the end of the week, however, I should have said that we would see BlackBerry Storm themes by the end of the day.

BlackBerry Strom Themes

The first BlackBerry Storm themes that we heard about can be found over on Black Light Themes.  What’s even better that the BlackBerry Storm Themes over their are free.

We’ve also heard great news from our pal Peter over at eVeek.  He says that the Elecite.com team is definitely working on BlackBerry Storm Themes as well as BlackBerry Curve 8900 Themes.  It shouldn’t be to long before you can get your hands on premium BlackBerry Storm and BlackBerry Curve 8900 Themes and we’ ll be sure to let you know when they have something avaiable.