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UPDATE:  New Quicklink download code 51216…

Josep over at miBlackBerry has found a Tetris like game for the BlackBerry Storm named Tiltris that uses the accelorometer to move the falling pieces left and right.  Not only is Tiltris a game speficially developed for the BlackBerry Storm, one of four that we know of at the time of this posting, it is the first free BlackBerry Storm game to our knowledge.

The object of Tiltris is the same as Tetris.  To get the blocks to move left or right you simply tilt your BlackBerry Storm in the direction that you want it to move.  If you want the block to flip left or right you swipe over it as it is falling in the direction that you would like its orientation to change.

Tiltris runs on both the BlackBerry 9500 and 9530.  I’ve loaded it on a BlackBerry 9530 running OS  Tiltris appears to run smoothly after 10 minutes of playing with it, however, it is pretty light when it comes to features.  Remember however, it is a free BlackBerry game, and worth the 30 seconds it will take you to download  it.

You can download Tiltris directly to your BlackBerry Storm OTA by pointing your browser to, selecting Quick Download, and entering in code 40256 51216.

If you you are BlackBerry Storm user and you decide to give Tiltris a go, come back, leave us a comment, and tell us what you think.

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