I was just reading a post over on BBHub about a free AvantGo travel guide and I remembered that AvantGo used to be one of my favorite applications on my old PocketPC powered Ipaq 5555. Then I remembered that I didn’t really care for AvantGo for BlackBerry because it is a browser based wireless only service that was brutally slow on my old BlackBerry 7100t.

Since my Blackberry 7130e is quite a bit faster running on Verizon’s EV-DO network, I’ve decided to give AvantGo a second try. It’s still not quite is cool as the Windows Mobile version, however, it is usable and actually isn’t half bad. I think I may leave AvantGo installed as it has a wonderful price tag.

I always say… The only thing better than BlackBerry software is FREE BlackBerry software.

You can download AvantGo for BlackBerry here…

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