We’ve mentioned a time or two before that that Research in Motion is giving away a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to any developer that gets a BlackBerry PlayBook application accepted into BlackBerry App World by the time the PlayBook launches, however, with the announcement that BlackBerry App World is now accepting PlayBook apps for submission, we figured that we should mention it again.

Free BlackBerry PlayBook offer overview

Developers who create a qualifying application for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet prior to its initial North American release are eligible for a free BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. The main criterion to qualify for the free BlackBerry PlayBook tablet offer is to have a qualifying application accepted into BlackBerry App World™, subject to certain Terms and Conditions.

You can submit multiple BlackBerry PlayBook tablet apps into BlackBerry App World, but each BlackBerry App World vendor will only qualify for one free BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Apps will need to meet the BlackBerry App World Vendor Guidelines.

View the BlackBerry App World Vendor Guidelines

Terms and conditions

View terms and conditions

Three-step process to earn your free BlackBerry PlayBook tablet

  1. Develop and test your application.
    View BlackBerry® Tablet OS development resources
  2. Register for BlackBerry App World
  3. Submit your app to BlackBerry App World.
    Log in to the BlackBerry App World vendor portal