There is a new free BlackBerry game available called RV Pile-Up which is part of the promotion of “RV”, the Robin Williams film coming to a theater near you a week from today, April 28th.

The idea for “RV Pile-Up” came out of discussions about Williams’ character, Bob Munro, who obsesses about staying connected to work even while he has persuaded his family to give up their Hawaiian vacation in favor of motoring cross-country. As events unfold, he discovers the greater importance of staying connected with his loved ones.

“We looked at what this movie was about, what the themes in the movie were, at the audience we were targeting and at the available digital devices,” said Dwight Caines, executive VP worldwide digital marketing at Columbia TriStar Marketing Group. “We wanted to carry those concepts through our digital marketing campaign, so we thought of a BlackBerry game — and then we looked at how to make it happen.”

RV Pile-Up” was developed by Regard Solutions Corp. and requires players to guide their RV through various levels, avoiding obstacles and collecting traffic signs. It is available on or via the movie’s official Web site for BlackBerry 7200 Series, 7500 Series, 7700 Series, 7100 Series and 8700 Series in six languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese.

Via Reuters

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