RHexI have a saying.  The only thing better than a good BlackBerry game is a good free BlackBerry game and there is a pretty cool looking one out for the BlackBerry Bold, Storm, and Curve 8900 from CrucialSoft called RHex.

RHex kind of has a Tetris like feel to it as the object is to explode falling hexagons by connecting four or more in a row.  Instead of sliding the falling hexagons left or right you stack them on top of a central hex by rotating it.  Check the video out after the jump to get a better feel for it.

Unfortunately RHex is only available via desktop loader, however, it is free and you can get it from the download links below…

Download for Blackberry Storm (Installation by Blackberry Desktop Manager): RHex v1.0.3

Download for Blackberry Curve and Bold (Installation by Blackberry Desktop Manager): RHex v1.0.3Bold