Update: My bad, when I wrote this I thougt that it was a free BlackBerry download, when it fact, it is just a trial. Still, it is a pretty cool app though

One of the applications that comes on the the BlackBerry that I have never really been that impressed with is the Alarm. Don’t get me wrong… It does what it does and works just fine, however, is extremely limited in functionality as compared to what you get on Windows Mobile and Palm.

Enter MultiAlarm from Mobylo. This free trial BlackBerry download offers features that the built-in Alarm program should have.

MultiAlarm, as it name implies, has multiple alarms, 5 in total, that can be configured independently 9 ways from Sunday.

  • Each alarm can be set to sound Daily, Mon-Fri, Sat-Sun, or just once
  • Custom Alarms can be set to run on specific days of the week
  • Alarms can be set to be silent on holidays and there is a preloaded list of U.S. holidays included
  • The forced snooze feature makes sure that you never miss an alarm because the snooze was turned off.

MultiAlarm is a pretty simple application, but, not so simple that it is not terribly useful. I just may have to add MultiAlarm to my must have free BlackBerry download list next time I update it.