We just got word of a new free BlackBerry application called Bccthis for BlackBerry which allows you to compose private, secure messages to selected recipients in the To, Cc, or Bcc fields of their emails while simultaneously sending a message to a larger group.

Lets say that you reply to a message with a bunch of folks in the To, CC, or BCC fields, but, have something you want to say specifically to just one or a few of the recipients in addition to your general message to all.  Normally you would have to send a second message to including only those that you want your private  message to go to.  Bccthis for BlackBerry allows you to include your private message to select recipients from within your general message to all saving you from having to send a second message.

I’ve actually used the Outlook version of Bccthis before and it is kind of a cool application.  You definitely can’t beat the price so I am going to give it a go on my BlackBerry.

Bccthis for BlackBerry is a free BlackBerry download and you can pick it up on BlackBerry App World.

Bccthis for BlackBerry is not yet avaialable for the BlackBerry Storm or Storm2