Ultra Podcast Player for BlackBerry

I just downloaded a free podcast player for the BlackBerry that seems to pretty promising at first glance.  Ultra Podcast Player for BlackBerry has the following features…

  • Ability to search from a library of thousands of podcasts
  • Automatic downloading using WiFi
  • Ability to download podcasts in the background.
  • One click playback using the Blackberry Media Player.
  • Changeable Colour Scheme UI.
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Easy to install & upgrade
  • Support for touch screen navigation

Ultra Podcast Player for BlackBerry appears to be a really cool application, especially if you have a BlackBerry with Wi-Fi.  Just be aware that that downloadloading a lot of podcasts via your wireless carrier can be quite bandwith intensive.

If you want to try out Ultra Podcast Player for yourself,  you can download it OTA to your BlackBerry at http://www.ultrapodcastplayer.com/device/lite/index.php.