We’ve got a saying around here…  They only thing better than a good BlackBerry application is a good Free! BlackBerry Application.  ArtGO, a free coloring book app for the BlackBerry, just may fit the bill for the later.

ArtGO! Coloring turns your BlackBerry® smartphone into a coloring book.  Pick up your crayon and go! ArtGO Coloring will make sure you stay inside the lines, so you can just have fun and let your imagination run wild.  Or select a blank coloring page and draw whatever you’d like.  Set your drawing as your wallpaper, or email it to a friend or relative.  The lite version includes a few coloring pages, and a selection of colorful crayons.

ArtGO Features include:

  • automatically keeps your coloring inside the lines (this feature can be turned on or off)
    save your art to work on later
  • send your drawings to a friend
  • set your drawings as your device wallpaper
  • Zeebu’s locking mechanism can be enabled to keep little ones from getting out of the app

Download ArtGO for BlackBerry in BlackBerry App World