I just installed face2face, a cross platform, location aware, social networking client from Promimate Global that combines Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter networks into a single client as well as ads consolidated chat between face2face users, on my BlackBerry, and, although I’ve only played around with it for about 5 minutes, it seems to be a pretty slick app thus far.

face2face is a location-aware smartphone app that solves the problems of privacy and safety that have become synonymous with social networking – so that more people can benefit from the advantages that come from knowing which friends are nearby.

I probably won’t enable any of the location aware aspects of face2face, and I will probably keep using a dedicated Twitter client on my device, however, face2face could be a candidate to replace Facebook for BlackBerry and LinkedIn for BlackBerry.  I can’t say for sure just yet, however, I am impressed with speed and the interface of the app and if it allows me to effectively git rid of Facebook which is slow, and replace LinkedIn which is large, face2face, my find a permanent home on my BlackBerry Storm 9530 which is memory starved.

face2face is a free BlackBerry application as well as free for the iPhone and Android devices.  You can download face2face for BlackBerry by visiting http://face2face.ws/downloads/bb/.  Find more information about face2face out here, and, if you check it out for yourself, come back and tell us what you think…