Foursquare tweeted yesterday that almost 100,000 users have signed up to the service in the last 10 days.  This is really impressive seeing how the company just reported moving beyond half a million 5 or 6 days ago and it took them almost a year to get there.

I’ve been using playing Foursquare for exactly one month now, and, although I doubt that I will every use it enough to become mayor of anything.  It is a cool little time waster especially if you have a few friends or family members that are playing as well.

Foursquare, of course, is available on more than just the BlackBerry.  You can find out more about it by visiting http://www.foursquare.comFoursquare for BlackBerry is a free BlackBerry application and you can pick it up over on BlackBerry App World or download it OTA @