If you use a BlackBerry long enough, there will come a time when you really need to make a call, but, because you forgot to put your device on the charger the night before, you are presented with the infamous “Battery too low for radio use” warning.

What really stinks is that you charger is right there, your BlackBerry is on and charging, but, you still can’t make any calls until you juice your battery up for 10 minutes or so.  All you can do is just sit there wishing that there was some way that you could force your radio on so that you could make one all important call.

Well, this one scenario must have happened to BlackBerry developer @FabianMH one too many times because he solved the problem with a really cool free BlackBerry application called ForeceRadioOn, that, exactly as its name implies, forces the radio on your BlackBerry on even when it believes that your battery is too low.

Now, it should be noted that there is probably a really good reason why your BlackBerry shuts the radio off when the battery gets to low, however, ForceRadioOn, which you can get for free through the RIMarkable Store, definitely comes in handy in those rare emergency situations.

:::Download ForceRadioOn v1.0 here