There is a new BlackBerry tethering application on the block.  BlackBerry app maker Fixmo Inc. yesterday released Fixmo Extend, an application that you install both on your BlackBerry and your Windows PC allowing you to use you BlackBerry device’s wireless broadband connection to get your laptop onto the internet wherever you have service.

Fixmo Extend is entering a market currently dominated by Tether for BlackBerry, one of the best selling BlackBerry applications of all time, however, Fixmo Extend costs just $14.99, 70% less than the regular price of Tether for BlackBerry which sells for $49.99.  Fixmo Extends also offers a perpetually free version of the the software that you can use for up to your first 50 Mb of data.

Whether or not Fixmo Extend will give Tether for BlackBerry a run for its money remains to be seen, but, with a 30-Day Free trial of full functionality and the application always being free up to your first 50 Mb of data in any given month, I am hard pressed to think of any reason why every BlackBerry user with a Windows laptop shouldn’t give Fixmo Extend a try.

Check out Fixmo Extend in the RIMarkable Store…