Finally the day has come for the release of BlackBerry 10.  It’s been a long tough road for Research in Motion and an equally long hard wait for loyal BlackBerry fans all over the world, but the train has finally pulled into the station.

They said we would never see this day but here it is. They said we were a dying breed but yet we stand tall through all the adversity and we continue to survive. They said we were dead but I have yet to see a death certificate and or a funereal.

For those that used to love us and moved on to other platforms, I would like to say “Look at us now.” For those who hoped that we would falter and fail, I would like to say…” I Ain’t Happening”. For those who blasted us for our commitment to BlackBerry, I would like to say “WE ARE STILL COMMITTED AND PROUD TO BE!”

So with that said I have added a link below with conference details, Festivities kick off at 10am ET.  Enjoy and Happy Jan.30th!

Live Confernence