Rumor has it that, although Facebook is working on a native BlackBerry 10 Facebook client, the company has no plans to release Instagram for BlackBerry 10.  Instagram is the popular photo sharing mobile app recently acquired by Facebook which boasts over 100 million users.

In software company speak saying there are no plans to do something is almost identical to saying maybe in the future, however, the wait and see if BlackBerry 10 pops before we develop for it approach that Facebook is taking with Instagram could be a problem for RIM if other big name, cross platform, mobile app developers take the same approach.

RIM could find itself and a chicken or the egg situation…  Developers won’t develop for BlackBerry 10 until they see that BlackBerry 10 is a hit.  BlackBerry 10 struggles to become a hit because developers haven’t developed for it.

As I’ve said before, I believe that BlackBerry 10 success has more to do with application support than it does with how good the BlackBerry 10 operating system is.  So long as BlackBerry 10 is competitive Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, RIM has a shot.  If application support isn’t there, however, BlackBerry 10 will be dead in the water…

Lack of Instagram support alone probably isn’t enough to make or break BlackBerry 10.  Let’s just hope that we don’t hear of too many other big, cross platform apps for which their developers have no plans to release on BlackBerry 10.

[ Via VentureBeat]