I was just reading an article over on Infotech about how Facebook for BlackBerry may be a huge battery drain on your Blackberry device.

“I downloaded it the very day it was launched. For next week or so, my battery would get drained out within a day, unlike the two days it used to last earlier. Then I figured out that it was due to this app and promptly removed it,” said a user Kunal S.

BlackBerry users are reporting a 10 to 15% increase in battery life after removing Facebook for BlackBerry.

Is it just me or does it make perfect sense that if you install an application that you start using all the time that you may see your power meter dwindle a bit faster than you did before? I just installed Golden Tee on my BlackBerry and I know that my battery drains more quickly. That’s probably due to the 90 minutes or so per day that I find myself playing the game.