Yesterday we heard the rumor that Exchange 2003 SP2 could be released today. Today we know that the rumor was true. Exchange 2003 Service Pack 2 has been released.

If you remember, two months ago to the day I told you that I was just a bit worried Research in Motion. Since that day RIM has inked some partnerships, made some announcements, and released new hardware that have subsided those worries to some extent, however, I am really anxious to see how how the market and how the boys up in Ontario react to the Microsoft threat in the coming months.

Microsoft threat may sound kind of harsh, but to think of it as anything less would just be plain foolish. I am not one of these doomsdayer types that thinks it is the end of the road for Research in Motion, however, even though the ball is still in RIM’s court, the game has completely changed. BlackBerry Killer takes on a whole new meaning today. It no longer refers to new pieces of hardware that will make 4 million BlackBerry fanatics jump ship (like that would ever happen). It no longer refers to the the little, or even, the no so little start-ups that offer competing technology on those other pieces of hardware.

When we say BlackBerry Killer now, we are referring to one of the most powerful companies that the world has ever known, that for the most part has an unlimited supply of money, a notorious reputation for entering new markets and completely dominating them, and is offering their solution for free. Microsoft’s goal is to sell seats on Exchange and to sell PDA’s that run Windows Mobile. Whatever RIM does, they need to keep those two things in mind.