I’ve been messing around with E*TRADE Mobile Pro since it was released last week and I have to say that it, thus far, appears to be a really cool application. It has a very good chance of making my next Must Have Free BlackBerry Downloads list.

If you have an E*TRADE account, Mobile Pro is something you need to just download. If you don’t, but, follow the market even a little bit, you should sign up an E*TRADE account and then download Mobile Pro.

E*TRADE Mobile Pro is an awesome application, especially for one that it is free. I have to admit, however, that in all of it’s awesomeness, it is a bit distracting too. The application itself is not distracting… Just the way that I, and I would gather many BlackBerry users, are using it.

I find myself constantly checking my positions and watchlists and the urge to fall into incredibly bad trading habits is pressing. I haven’t done anything stupid yet but I hope the the overwhelming need to check where I am subsides so that I can get some work done.