Mark Rejon from BlackBerry Forums has released detailed instructions on configuring your Verizon BlackBerry 7250 to use the EVDO high speed broadband network.

Many BlackBerry users have swapping their existing BlackBerry devices for the new BlackBerry 7130e just to take advantage of the ability to tether the handheld to a laptop as a high speed broadband modem. The drawback for many, however, is that the 7130e is a candybar style BlackBerry that uses Suretype. Although I love the slimmer 71xx series BlackBerry devices, many just like the full QWERTY keyboard of the traditional devices.

The configuration process does require an upgrade to BlackBerry Desktop 4.1 and to BlackBerryOS or later. You will need to give Verizon customer service a call and you should be prepared to spend upwards of 30 to 45 minutes to get everything working. The upgrade has been confirmed to work for business customers at this point only and there are rumors that it won’t work for non-business consumers until Q1 06.

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