The BlackBerry may be the best wireless email device out there, but, it is not the fastest. Free “push” based email delivery company emoze beat Research in Motion’s BlackBerry thumbs down in the 3GSM World Congress Mobile Push Email Showdown last week.

Both shooters stood back to back with their respective handsets – one a BlackBerry, the other a regular mobile phone with the emoze push email application installed. A Gmail account was opened and the email address given to the two duelers. They both created an email on their handsets, walked three paces and on the count of three, turned around and pushed ‘send’. The audience watched a screen to see whether the email sent via BlackBerry or emoze would arrive fastest, and as the tension started to build, the emoze email appeared in the inbox first.

What does this mean for Research in Motion’s BlackBerry? Probably not much. I am sure the folks back in Waterloo are saying “put 10 million subscribers on your system then run head to head with us again.” emoze, on the other hand will get a bunch of people looking at them, especially since their solution for consumers is free.

RIM has known for a long time that wireless email ultimately will become a commodity and that the allure of the BlackBerry is the entire package.