Here is another much needed function that won’t decrease security in next-gen BlackBerry devices. How about an Email On/Off switch?

I know that you can turn the radio off but that prevents you from getting calls as well. I know that you can create a profile so that your BlackBerry doesn’t vibrate or beep when you get incoming emails but you still get emails and the email icon letting you know that you just got new emails.

RIM, do you know the pressure that you put us poor CrackBerry addicts under when we try to get a weekend away from the office, take every step we can to make sure that our BlackBerries don’t ring, vibrate, beep, or flash red lights at us when we get emails, only to be faced with an email icon with 27 next to it when we need to make call?

In an effort to win a bet, I didn’t check the 27 emails that eventually went up to 43 by sundae night. I did think about them though. 43 emails… That seems like an awful lot of incoming messages for a weekend. I wondered if something went wrong. I had to keep telling myself that someone would call if it were an emergency.

To make a long story short I won my bet. I went for 48 hours without getting on a computer or checking an email with my BlackBerry. Honestly, I didn’t even think about email for the first day and a half because I never pulled my BlackBerry out of the holster. It was only when I found out that I had incoming messages that my BlackBerry withdrawal symptoms kicked in.

Research in Motion, if you want to add a feature that will immediately improve the lives of over 3 million CrackBerry addicts, give use some BlackBerry Methadone. Add an On/Off switch for email.