Campbell, California based EasyReach Corporation will today announce, at the the DEMOfall 2005 technology conference, the realease of EasyReach Remote Access, the industry’s first remote desktop search service. EasyReach Remote Access will allow users to instantly find any file or e-mail on their work or home PCs using a BlackBerry, Palm Treo, or a web browser.

EasyReach provides workers with secure access to multiple desktops, allowing them to find information wherever it is located. EasyReach works on any computer or mobile device, so information can be retrieved whether it is in the same room or around the world. EasyReach includes keyword search capabilities that make it easy to quickly find the right document by simply typing a word or phrase. Once found, the information can be delivered to any e-mail address. Different from traditional desktop search and remote access applications, EasyReach is a solution designed to perform at its best on mobile devices.

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