Sound ID has released a new BlackBerry application called EarPrint which appears to be a Sound ID 510 Bluetooth Headset management app on steriods.  EarPrint is similar to the Jawbone Battery Meter for BlackBerry app, however, EarPrint does much, much more than just tell you how battery life you have left.

EarPrint features include:

  • PersonalSound™ – With the free EarPrint app, users can customize and save listening preferences via Personal Sound. While on a call, simply drag the ID icon across the phone screen to change the audio parameters and enhance the listening levels.  Choose the audio parameters for three listening modes: Phone, Music and Pass-Thru.
  • Pass-Thru – Enhances hearing ability so soft surrounding sounds can be heard while wearing the headset  and not on a call.
  • Visual Battery Indicator – Provides battery life status.
  • Find Me – Help to locate a missing 510 – press the “Find Me” icon on the phone and the headset will start emitting a beeping sound and the LED will begin to flash.
  • Sound Level Meter – Provides audio details in real-time so users know when sound reaches levels that could potentially damage hearing.
  • In Call Tools – Allows users to have the green LED flash when on a call or remain off.

I haven’t personally used the Sound ID 510 Bluetooth Headset, but, I have heard pretty good reviews.  I may have to check one out myself and give it the once over if for no other reason than to test out the Find Me feature in EarPrint.

Download EarPrint from BlackBerry App World